Spending time with Nahid Holmes is always a treat and today was no different! We walked through what a consultation looks like. Nahid shared that sometimes clients want to get started but are skeptical or even fearful of the process and so many times they don’t ever get their project started and are left feeling unhappy with their home. This is what Nahid hopes to avoid. She shared the step by step process in which Nahid comes to see your homes, office, space, backyard, etc. and hears from you what your goals are. Nahid is very careful not to make too many suggestions or sway your personal style in any way. She is truly passionate about bringing your vision to life and ensuring your priorities are what drives the project. After Nahid visits the space she gets busy with some renderings and potential outcomes and invites you into the store to talk through them. Together you and Nahid then tweak the renderings and dive into things like fabrics, patterns, paint colors, etc. to ensure every detail is exactly how you prefer. Once the vision is created Nahid gets busy collection items and renovations can begin. It is important to note that all projects are started and completed with the client in mind and Nahid is heavily involved in every project, the client is truly the driving force in the design. There are endless opportunities when working with Nahid. She is happy to learn about how she can help enhance your living space or office. Please feel free to reach out on visit her Facebook Page: Design Source by Nahid Holmes. You can also visit her website: www.disandover.com

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