SPARTA, NJ – The photography students at Sparta High School were given an assignment that is unique to the coronavirus shut down.  They were asked to create a photo time capsule of this COVID-19 socially distant experience. Glen McNamara shared his photos conveying his ‘shutdown’ experience.

Christy Graham and Christine Mase told their students: “We are all living through something none of us have ever gone through, not our parents or even grandparents. So how can we document this time to show others what it has been like for us. This will be something that history will talk about so why not document and show future generations what it was like through our eyes.”

The students were also given nine related questions to help stimulate the thought process of what they would photograph. 

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  1. What is the hardest thing you are going through during this quarantine? 
  2. What are your worries?
  3. What are some positives you are experiencing?
  4. What are some things you once took for granted? 
  5. What do you miss the most? 
  6. What upset you the most that has been cancelled so far? 
  7. Is there something in the near future that you are nervous about that will get cancelled? 
  8. Have you don’t anything to help someone out during these times?
  9. What have you taken advantage of during this time?

Several of the photo time capsules were shared with TAPinto for publication.  Please enjoy the students’ perspectives.

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