The employees are doing the best they can, especially for how many overtime hours they are forced to work and the availability of staffing, while you freely enjoyed your constitutional right to protest. If rules are not followed by protesters, expect to be arrested by the police, who need to protect the community and property from unnecessary violence or potential violence.

These guards at Douglas County continuously come to work and are forced to work 16-hour shifts regularly because of understaffing for whatever reason. I’m sorry you were uncomfortable in jail, but remember it is not a country club and you are not the only client.

As far as your COVID exposure — are you kidding me? You decided to join a protest with hundreds of other people side by side. Do not now complain about being next to someone in close proximity in jail. You need to realize the strain you put on the jail system, the overworked guards at DCC, the OPD, the tax budgets of the City of Omaha and Douglas County and the families who miss their loved ones because of your right to protest.

Stay within the law

Dear protesters: A vast majority of citizens in Omaha and around the country support your right to peacefully protest. The mayor and the police chief of Omaha will also stand behind your right to gather and protest. However, part of the meaning of “peaceful protest” is that the laws of the city, county and state are obeyed.

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