We have all had this situation where we have opened the door of our refrigerator and got disturbed by the stinky, pungent smell inside the fridge. It takes a while for us to find out what food or vegetable is rotten inside. If this continues to be a regular occurrence, you should follow these tips to make your fridge spick and span, and most importantly odour free.

1. Store all your leftovers in an airtight container

It is important to store leftover food in an airtight container because sometimes the smell of the food itself makes the fridge stinky. The strong and pungent smell of any food item can be contained with the help of these containers.

2. Maintaining the right temperature inside the fridge

Most of the time, the fridge also starts smelling because we don’t maintain the inside temperature and it encourages microbial growth. It is recommended that the inside temperature of the fridge should be kept around 4 to 5 degree celcius.

3. Keep baking soda in a bowl

Cleaning your fridge with baking soda mixed in warm water is always a nice way to keep it clean. But if you are feeling lazy and just want to get rid of the foul smell, just place a bowl of baking soda in the fridge. It will absorb all the bad odour coming from the fridge.

4. Keep a check on the stored vegetables on a weekly basis

We need to keep a check on the vegetables that we have store in our fridge on a weekly basis. Keep the fresh ones separately. Because if you keep them with the rotten ones, it might also get spoiled soon.

5. Use vanilla essence

The vanilla essence that you use in baking can be also used to remove smell from fridge. Take some cotton balls and add few drops of vanilla essence on it. Keep it in the fridge and your refrigerator will have a refreshing smell in sometime.

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