By way of a sweet Hozier nod I find out—alas, only recently—about the music of Dermot Kennedy.

Another sweet revelation in this vein is Dermot drummer Micheál Quinn, who is also an artist. (He sells pretty dope march on his website, check it out.)

In an Instagram post from earlier this year, Quinn had this to say about performing “Moments Passed”:

“There is so much room for expression in it this song. I always think it has such a push and pull nature to it. Lean in a bit here, then compensate a couple bars later by pulling back a bit, and let the nature of the song dictate where needs to happen. It really feels like it comes alive and breathes. Often when it ends, and it’s been a really tight version, where we all lock in to that special place, you come back around wondering where you’ve actually been the last few minutes.

“I’ve said it a bunch of times in relation to this song, but reliving it in this video after a couple of weeks of not playing, is bringing me back to that place briefly. I can picture that wormhole that you get sucked into, last flashing, sounds firing off in every direction, trying to keep up with whatever I’ve decided to try slip in at the last second on a given night, and the feeling when you’re spat back out the other side!”

It’s #tmw you don’t know what someone’s talking about, but also you know exactly what they’re talking about.

Quinn is also credited as one of the songwriters of “Moments Passed”, first released as a single in 2017.

If you don’t already follow Dermot Kennedy, “Moments Passed” is the perfect gateway drug. There’s a Color Show performance of it, and it’s also what Dermot opens his NPR Tiny Desk Concert set.

This past week Dermot has been teasing about the music video for his new song “Giants”. So far it’s looking like a monochromatic, epic mood-fest, which is nothing less than perfect for a pre-Fall of Man song about a love that dates back to the creation of the universe.

The music video for “Giants” drops on July 20. In the meantime listen to the song below.

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